Our Learning Service

NS Genus use different appearances for developing original & advanced learning ideas. We are always ready to share our professional experience and methodological ability. We specialize in offering effective Consulting & Training Solutions for IBM AS/400, Java Technology, Embedded System, .Net Technology, Android, PHP Training, SEO and Dataware Housing, to name a few. We possess a team of software engineers & other professionals to undertake expert training courses. The software engineers working with us have a detailed knowledge of current software & tools and offer you the complete professional solutions for all kinds of applications. Reasonable courses with total commitment and dedication are the key to our growth in the market. At our growth can be straigh tforwardly attributed to our experienced team and planned training material we undertake. Our rates are affordable and the training is results-driven.

Well, our training module is hundred percent hands on, industry oriented. That is our curriculum has been designed with future requirements of industry in mind and it's not all. We regularly update and revise our module not only to keep abreast of latest changes happening in the industry but also to provide our participants with latest and up to date skill inputs. Our courses are an unique fusion of theory and practical industrial requirement which gives our students the advantage anywhere in the world. So, if you have got the inherent belief in yourself and wish to reach the top in the field of creative animation, multimedia and design, do rely on us

We equip you with the skills and expertise to apprehend your creative designs and transfer them to websites. Our expert faculty will provide you with professional advice that will help you further your career. Apart from advanced software, you also get to learn creative design techniques with animation and other multimedia options. You get all this in a single package only at NS Genus.

Not only do we keep the current industry trends in mind, but also take future web technologies into consideration. This means that our students will always be ahead of the average web development professional in the industry.